Darin Garman’s Heartland Multi-Family Show

What Today’s Investors Should NOT Be Scared Of!

October 12, 2019

You know, as investors, especially multi-family owners and investors
there are plenty of things that we should be scared of.

Unfortunately, there are many things that many investors like us
ARE scared of but should not be.

Frankly, it is not your fault. In the world that we live in today especially
with the fast moving information and media world there are times when you
should be cautious and have a "Plan B" and then there are many, many more
times where you should not be scared.

This timely topic during the month of October is your investment wake up
call to what you should be scared of and concerned about and frankly what
you should not be - ESPECIALLY as an investor and/or multi-family investment

Listen in to this weeks podcast as I talk about what you cannot be scared of and have a great week / weekend!


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