Darin Garman’s Heartland Multi-Family Show

The 3 Red Flags That You Are Being BS’d

February 21, 2020

In this weeks podcast I deal with BS.

And how you can avoid disappointment but avoiding it.


At Least How to SPOT IT!

There are three RED FLAGS that most anyone can decipher to know that they
are being what I call BS'd. 

After 30+ years of dealing with so many people one of the things I have become
very acute at is BS.  

It is much, much harder to decipher BS than it used to be.  Long ago all we had to
communicate with was either a face to face meeting, a phone call or a letter sent REGULAR
MAIL.  Now, with so many ways to interact and communicate it can be very, very tough to
decipher REAL from BS. 

Listen in on this podcast and use the 3 Red Flags of BS that I use to decipher if you
are being BS'd. 

Have a great week!


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