Darin Garman’s Heartland Multi-Family Show

The 2.5 Important Things You Need To Know About Interest Rates and Multi-Family Property Values

September 20, 2019

Interest rates!  Interest rates!

Right now it is about all we hear about in the news is interest rates!

The Fed!

Trump's reactions to the Fed!  Etc. 

But, have you every wondered just how important interest rates are for multi-family investors? 

In this weeks episode I give you the ONLY 2.5 things you need to know about interest rates and their
both positive and negative impacts on multi-family values and cash flows. 

This is a VERY IMPORTANT podcast to listen to as a passive OR active multi-family investor.  Make
sure you spend the time in joining me on this - you will be glad you did!

Have a great weekend!


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